SEO TOOLS-High Web Traffic

SEO TOOLS-High Web Traffic

SEO TOOLS-High Web Traffic

SEO TOOLS-High Web Traffic

SEO TOOLS-High Web Traffic

SEO TOOLS And  High Web Traffic

The first, fastest, and perhaps easiest way is to buy visitors with Google Ad words and other pay per click search engines. Especially with Google Ad words, you can be up and running in an hour or less. Just sign up for an account at, create a campaign, create an ad group, enter some keywords, and your ad will start showing for those keywords in approximately 10

20 minutes. There are definitely right and wrong ways to go about using Google Ad words and I suggest you buy a book about Google Ad words, or get Perry Marshall’s course.

Another way to drive traffic to your site is to take longer, but you won't pay per click. You can optimize your site for search engines. This is called SEO or sometimes SEM (for search engine marketing). It's important to know which keywords to focus on, and Google Ad Words is the best way to determine which keywords make you money. But once you know what your "money words" are, you can start driving traffic to your site however natural search engine listings. Brad Fallen has a great course called Sting Mopping the Search Engines that tells you all about how to get listed in the 3 major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN and get good rankings.

A third way to drive traffic to your website is article marketing. This is the brilliant strategy of writing articles and submitting them to article directories. What happens is that webmasters will find and put your article on their sites so that your content is displayed on many websites. You also include a resource box with your article that links to your site. The link will help you rise in the search engines and the article itself may encourage visitors to your site.

A four way to get visitors to your site is to write and submit press releases. Your press release can be picked up by major publications and, just like articles, you can get visitors from the content of the press release, but you may also get some great links which will help you out in the search engines. Marc Harty has a great course for using press releases to drive traffic.

Seo Tools - High Web Traffic - Backlink

1.  Backlink Beast - Best SEO Software - Recurring Commissions! (view mobile)

2.  The Most Powerful All-in-one SEO Tool Suite (view mobile)

3.  Traffic Travis Free SEO And PPC Software (view mobile)

4.  Keyword Researcher - SEO Software / Finds Long Tail Keywords

5.  Long Tail Pro: Keyword Research Software (view mobile)

The fifth method for driving visitors to your site is to have a blog. The reason that blogs are so good at driving traffic is that the search engines love them because they provide fresh content, and because they are available through RSS feeds, webmasters can post your blog content on their sites which can then drive traffic to you (much like how you would get traffic from article marketing). If you are totally new to blogging, you might want to try Google’s free service or if you are ready to take the next step, you can move to another free service called Wordpress.  Wordpress seems to be a much more effective SEO solution than blogger, but there is more to setup on your website. Sherman Hu has a great set of word press tutorials that you can watch to setup and use Wordpress for driving visitors to your site.

More Website Traffic

A sixth way to get more eyeballs on your site is from offline advertising. Many people don’t think of actually running advertisement in publications to get traffic to their sites. It might be worth your time to look through a few publications in your industry and compare some of the ads in old issues with ads in the new issues. The ads that are still there are probably the ones that are successful and that you should consider modeling. A phrase that seems to effectively get people to put down the publication and enter your URL in their computer is “free website”.

The seventh method for getting more traffic is viral products. This is simply an e-book, website, movie, etc that gets passed around from person to person because it’s so interesting. Some ideas for viral products including publishing the results of an interesting contest you hold for your customers, putting a creative spin on a current event, or tugging at the heartstrings of people with poems or wisdom. There are some good courses on how to create and use viral products. You can search for these courses, or visit my resource page for a few.

Seo Tools - High Web Traffic - Backlink

6.  Bulk Email SMS Sender Manager (view mobile)

7. Seopressor Connect - Best Wordpress SEO Plugin Gets Better

8.  Fan Page Robot - Automated System To Grow Social Media Fanbase & Leads (view mobile)

9.  Traffic & Video Bots

10. Intent-based Keywords Tool - Suggested Keywords Tool (view mobile)

The eighth and final method for driving traffic to your website is affiliate programs. The beautiful thing about affiliate programs is that you can have an army of people sending traffic to your site and you only pay them when they are responsible for a sale. Your risk is almost nothing and the rewards can be huge. has a great affiliate program if you are marketing electronic products. Commission Junction ( jio sky ) has a good program for finding affiliates to sell your physical products.

How to Check Backlinks in Google

As days (or minutes) go by the world wide web is becoming more and more competitive in terms of search engine optimization. Right now one of your competitors is working on a search engine optimization plan to be at the top of the search engines and knock you out! So you ask how do I check my back links in Google. Well... YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!

How do I check my backlinks in Google, Yahoo & Bing?

How to check backlinks in Bing has been a question we have receive often.

As I am sure you are aware backlinks are a crucial part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. Making sure you have enough quality backlinks is something you need to do.
Website Traffic Rankings allows you to easily check backlinks, indexed pages and traffic rankings for your website as well as your competitors.

How to Check Backlinks in Bing

Many people think you can not check backlinks in Bing but you sure can. Use the text box above and then click on "Backlinks in Bing"

How do I check backlinks in Bing?

As I am sure you are aware backlinks are a crucial part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. Making sure you have enough quality backlinks is something you need to do.

Website Traffic Rankings allows you to easily check backlinks, indexed pages and traffic rankings for your website as well as your competitors.

Maximize Graphics-Keywords & Rich Content

What makes you want to go into a store you've never been in before? Maybe the storefront itself. The bright clear colors, the design, the business logo, maybe it's the bright, clean, clear appearance. The storefront is likely well-defined, you know that's the kind of store you're looking for, they will probably have what you want there. It's appearance says "quality" to you. You may well spend some money there. Likewise a website must maximize graphics, keywords, & rich-content.

Seo Tools - High Web Traffic - Backlink

11. Automated Traffic

12. Done Deal Investor Websites

13. Facebook Auto Post Auto Like Auto Comment Auto Join Groups (view mobile)

14. Easyazon - Amazon Wordpress Plugin (view mobile)

15. Blogger Basics For Newbies (view mobile)

20. Big Traffic Guide

Now... that new lounge you dropped into awhile back, and have returned to since, maybe even become a regular...what brought you inside, then what kept you there for some time? More importantly, what made you want to remain there, maybe even paying for what was sold there? What primarily made you go back...time after time?

On the outside of the lounge - the same thing. A colorful front, bright flashy sign, a catchy name, trendy look, so on. On the really liked the layout, the comfortable furnishings, the "just right" lighting, the atmosphere, you like the crowd that frequents the place! In essence then, you liked the content. It got you there, it brings others there. Your website will too, if you maximize graphics, keywords, & rich-content.

Good value for your money. Remember, you're paying for what you get, at the store, or the lounge...wherever you find most anything you are looking for. So you deserve quality for your hard-earned money, quality software that enables you to maximize graphics, keywords, & rich-content.

Consider your website in this same context now:

The products or service your website offers may be of high value to many people navigating the internet "map". But those streets are rife with businesses of every sort, as you're well aware. Thus the need for an outstanding storefront, for your website. You need that professional appearance, you must have quality graphic design. So... you've brought them inside. Now what do you want?

Seo Tools - High Web Traffic - Backlink

21. 75%!!! How To Flip Websites Home Study Course

22. Market Theme -- Turn Wordpress Into An Online Store (view mobile)

23. Fast Traffic Bot (view mobile)

24. Email Marketing Bundle- 600+ Courses 950 Million Leads (view mobile)

25. Turnkey Advertising Business (view mobile)

You want your valued customer to stay awhile, see what you have, you want them to trust you, and buy from your site. The same top quality graphic design is needed inside your site, not just on the cover. Many technicalities are involved in graphic design, so you look for a graphic designer for hire. Pretty expensive, and maybe not cost effective.

Software to the rescue...once again. With todays software advances, even newbies can build web pages, optimize for search engine placement, and create beautiful graphic design. For top-notch graphic design, best SEO optimization, to get the highest conversion rates possible for your website, please check out the user friendly tools below. These tools will do everything we've discussed here, and far more. These tools will maximize graphics, keywords, & rich-content.

A New Era for Search Marketing

Adjusting your strategies based on results is paramount to maintaining your presence and competitiveness. Each day you don’t follow these guidelines your qualified leads will be fewer, your return on investment will be lower and your competitors will gain at your expense.

One area you need to focus on is the difference between organic search and sponsored search and how high visibility is attained 

A recent report by the Marketing Leadership Council ( highlights the following statistics.

1. Well over half of Web site traffic comes from search engines.

2. The majority of business-to-business customers visit search engines for product or service.

3. 90% of users rarely look beyond the first three pages of search results.

4. Approximately 70% of buyers click on organic searches as opposed to sponsored or paid listings.

5. 81% of searches are made using Google (47%), Yahoo (21%) and MSN (13%).

6. Online advertising expenditures are expected to rise considerably over the next few years.

With these facts in mind it is obvious that your immediate goal is to strive to be in the top 30 search result listings. Anything less means the majority of your customers can’t even consider what you are selling.

Although Organic and Sponsored search results look similar, they are, in fact, very different. Research shows that both consumers and business buyers trust Organic search results more because they believe search engine computer driven algorithms verify the relevancy of the topic subject matter and are not driven by economics.

Quite simply, organic search results are calculated by algorithms which determine the relevant list of sites that closely match the keywords and phrases typed into the search box. Because algorithms are always moving and are different for each search engine you must monitor the activity and be prepared to adjust at any given time.

The actual keywords are definitely important but they are only one of many factors determining your ranking. The order, combination, position and place in which they appear also bear weight on rank. Next is the frequency in which they appear throughout the site is also relevant.

Other factors include:

1. The web site’s structure must be search engine friendly.

2. A well constructed site navigation for ease of indexing.

3. Use of static images as opposed to flash.

4. Proper title tags, meta description and meta keyword tags.

5. A linking strategy.

When all these factors are properly optimized the site ranking is well positioned for Organic search results. Of course, if they are not the reverse is inevitable.

Just remember, the rules are constantly changing and you must act accordingly to remain strong, competitive and profitable.

Promoting Your Website Online

At the end of the day, Google is just a machine with its every process determined by an algorithm. Its current algorithm decides the ranking of an indexed page based on its keyword density, quality of content and the number of links referring visitors to your site. To generate more visitors for your site as well as a higher ranking in search queries try the following:

1. Acquire inbound links from sites that rank higher than yours:

A: Find a well-visited forum and open a membership. Begin posting with a link to your site included in your signature box. Every time a visitor views a thread your link will be displayed.

B: Find a well-visited free articles site. Write an article, and submit it to their database. Include a link to your website in the allotted resource box. Every time a visitor searches for a topic relevant to your article, your work will appear and every time a visitor reads it, your link will be displayed. Encourage your article viral - the potential to generate more inbound links at an exponential rate.

2. Look for a site that is related to yours. Send the webmaster a testimonial about his products, if he is selling any, or about the content of his site. The webmaster may publish your testimonial, and as a courtesy, may add a link to your site.

3. Look for high traffic sites that sell products. Write reviews about them and post the same to your site or blog. Send the webmasters a link to your reviews, they may thank you with a link in return.readers to distribute your article for as long as they retain the resource box. This is critical in making

4. Do some reciprocal linking - publishing another site's link in exchange for the site publishing yours.

5. Subscribe to as many free directory listings and free advertising sites as you can find. They provide easy one-way links.

6. Consider paying for directory listings and advertising sites.

7. Publish quality content. If you populate your site with original information, you may not have to look for links anymore, as webmasters would be knocking at your door asking if they could link their pages to your site.

Popular Searches Traffic & Stats, You Tube Traffic & Stats, Traffic & Stats

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SEO From the Beginning

I have talked to a number of people being in the SEO world and have come to the conclusion that search engine optimization starts when you choose a domain name. I know that there are a lot of different opinions on choosing a domain name, but it never hurts to have a few good keywords in it.

When you decide you want to start a website, research your chosen field's keywords before you start. Keyword selection is your best friend in search engine optimization. Know what your niche market is, sometimes what you think is a good keyword is not necessarily what your common web surfer is searching. Professionals in an industry tend to use different terminology than the layman. Keyword research will tell you what people are actually searching for as opposed to what you assume they are searching for.

Seo Tools - High Web Traffic - Backlink

26. Bulk Email SMS Sender Manager (view mobile)

27. Tab Accelerator - Powerful Traffic Exchange Software

28. Ewen Chia's Copy Paste Income!

29. Trafficzion Method (view mobile)

In some industries you can have many hundreds of good potential keywords, but remember to choose carefully. I generally recommend that you start off with a focused campaign with three to five specific keywords. The reasoning behind this is because if the keyword has a high search value but the term is too general, you may not receive any inquiries because web surfers are not looking for your specific speciality, whereas if you have a keyword that is highly specific towards your site you will find the hits are lower but your inquires have increased.

You may wonder why I spoke about keyword selection before I talked about choosing a domain name. This is because you may want to include a specific keyword in your domain name. When you are choosing a domain name you want to make it memorable, something catchy. If you decide on choosing a domain name, keep in mind keyword density. Although it is not a necessity to have the keyword in your URL to be on the first page, it does hold some weight towards your keyword density.

The next step is having your website built. This is very critical. You should talk to a number of web developers in order to make sure your website is SEO-ready once it is finished. If it is a straight HTML site, be sure to insist on meta tags and titles that are ready to go. Although there is a great debate on the usefulness of meta tags within Google, the description meta tag is used quite often as the Google description when you are searching, as well as Live Search. This is your opener; this will drive people right into your site. Keep this quirky and remember this is really the first impression people will have of your site. If you do not have this meta tag, Google will just take sections of your site that include that specific keyword and it may not make sense.

Content is king. If you have read any articles on search engine optimization or have attempted at SEO yourself you will know how true that statement rings. If you cannot write well, hire a content writer. It is crucial that you have great text for both your visitors and search engines. You have already done the keyword research, now remember to keep that in mind while writing your content. Keep the sentences or paragraphs short and have one idea per paragraph, this will keep the reader engaged throughout your site. Don't forget your SEO essentials, H1 tags, bolds, and italicized for your keywords. Keep it moderate and do not overuse. SEO over-optimizing can be a killer, so beware of how much you are using these. Remember to think of your visitor before the search engines. They are your first priority.

Your website is complete, you let it loose and SEO really starts. The important part to remember is that SEO is an exercise in patience. It may take up to a 6 months before you are seen on the search engines and even then you may not see first page placement. Have a budget, whether it be for PPC or organic SEO. You will need to get your site seen. We always recommend writing articles, reading blogs and commenting leaving your signature. Find forums and be active. Get your name out there. Content is one side of internet marketing but link development is your ace in the hole. Think outside the box, look for ways that your website is different than your competitors and make people want to link to your site. Keep in mind the more your put your site out there, the more you will be found!

mportance Of Website Optimization

Whether you are starting with a new site or you already have an existing one, you need to spend time or marketing, link building, keyword optimization, content building and traffic building. Here are SEO tactics you can use to optimize your website.

There are many recommendations that can be made regarding your site content to improve it in the eye of the Search Engines. SE Optimization (SEO) – The pages on your site are checked for the percentage of keywords you want to target, and the quality of the content on the page.

The formula for online success: link building + search engine optimization + new website content= success.

When you website moves up in rankings your traffic search engine results increase greatly. Sites listed below the first couple pages of results do not get near as much traffic as those sites listed at or near the top. Some market statistic report that search engines bring more than 75 percent of the traffic to small to medium websites.

The first thing you must do is create a well designed site and establish a marketing strategy an use techniques designed create traffic to the website for long term results. It would be best if the website is attractive and complementary to the company profile and it gives the audience the information that is targeted to the products, services the company provides. The website should be a successful marketing arm of your business that promotes a marketing campaign to promote your products and services. You will need to become the leader in your marketplace and industry by exceeding the market in that your industry, by doing this you will attract a qualified visitors to your products via the internet You will need to generate the growth of traffic to your website, you will then need to convert the traffic into sales.

If nobody sees the links then they are not all that likely to hunt them down to click on them. Can you follow links from page to page, does your site make sense. Using the robot.txt file you are able to tell search engine spiders what you would like indexed on your site.

There is no secret trick to achieve a high site ranking or success on the search engines, it take hard work. Some will tell you that the secret to high rankings is creating reciprocal links only, submitting feeds to RSS systems or creating and submitting to blogs, not one will do it but combine all the methods and you will see results.

The secret of success is a simple; Here are the top 10

1. Optimize your website by choosing proper keywords and descriptions

2. Submit articles with one way links pointing back to your site

3. Reciprocal link exchange with other sites

4. Submit to directories

5. Create an affiliate program

6. Submit to RSS feeds to get one way links

7. Post to Blogs with your one way links

8. Submit Videos to promote your business with one way links

9. Submit to forums with one way links point to your site

10. This is the probably the most import tip, patience, time and consistently doing the hard work to make it happen.

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